May 2, 2015

Batch 2 - dehydrated skin

batch 2 of the moisturizer includes

essential oils--certified organic: helichrysum, roman chamomile, lavender,  frankincense.

Hard oils--mango butter, organic unrefined coconut oil, 100% unrefined African shea butter.

Oils--certified organic: jojoba, vitamin E, sweet almond, evening primrose, and carrot seed.

water--distilled, rose water and aloe gel.

Also includes veg emulsifying wax and Geoguard plus (preservative) + IPM.

Ratio water, oils/solids 75:25

process-- Heat water and oils separately to 70C for 20 minutes and lower to 45C for addition of GP and EO.

for dehydrated skin.


  1. Fabulous cream very smooth on the skin soaks in and leaves my face feeling silky and soft luv it Iris Loveday

    1. Good to hear! Thanks for your feedback :-)