July 21, 2007

Builder on holidays

Well the builder is on holidays so the design and decision making process is on hold until he gets back. We agree with the designer that the main bedroom is too small to include all the features we want, so we are going to negotiate some changes with J so the bedroom is larger. We can always change the furniture later but we can't alter the footprint.

It is hard weighing up whether to incorporate the bathroom into the bedroom or have them completely separate. It seems there are two design 'fads' at the moment - the fully integrated ensuite/bedroom and the separate toilet, shower, w.i.r and sleeping areas.

While we are waiting we have been visiting our land. We settled on our dirt/mud a couple of weeks ago which was purchased in Mawson Lakes Adelaide in the Bridges. It seems like a nice & quiet area as it is a bit away from the rest of the Mawson estate (which is going to be massive).

In the meantime we are busy designing and re-designing the house. Is there such a thing as over designed!! I must say our builder has been fantastic and very accommodating.

Looking forward to our meeting with the builder/designer next week, when we come crashing back to reality as the costs for the mod's are revealed. Here is the land.

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July 15, 2007

from old to new

Last month we sold our house by the beach and decided to take the plunge and build a brand new home in the 'burbs'. I know it will feel great sitting on a brand new toilet and not having to dig up 100 yr old cement to find leaky pipes. Oh yeah, and hopefully we won't get zapped by faulty wiring when we turn on the NEW lightswitches..... Yippee.

the design process

Today we met with our designer to go through the house design. We originally modified an existing design from Seville Homes. J (the builder) has contracted a designer to work with us. Fantastic team and we are very happy with their approach.