August 24, 2007

Final plan at last

We thought we could sign off on the last design however the window size and placement is not absolutely correct, so we have requested further changes.

August 21, 2007

Will the build be ecofriendly or driven by a budget

We have been researching a number of ecofriendly options - such as hydronic heating and underfloor cooling and double glazing. After visiting the ecoarchitect we are keen to incorporate as many of these ideas into our house design as possible.

The builder is beside himself and we are hoping he will hang in there so we get the best of all worlds - great modern aesthetics and ecofriendly design. The stairwell is likely to become the house 'chimney' - venting hot air through the house to the roof. Each of the rooms will have a whirly mate to vent hot air out of the house and into the roof space ... eventually released outside. We are just waiting for some costings and final drawings and it is all systems go .... slab predicted to be down in October.