November 15, 2008

Few of the lastest pics

We are working hard to finish off the house but there is still a lot to do.

What we'd like to create in the front yard ... Aussie native garden

current facade

October 10, 2008

Moved in

We've moved in not without hassles at the end. Here are some pics of the house. There are a few things that still need to be done by the builder but they are being done slowly.
kitchen .. still waiting on black powerpoints

August 29, 2008

Pics prior to handover

Latest pics of the house follow. Handover is set for Tuesday 2nd September, floors will be done immediately ... they've already laid the spotted gum. Thumbs up for Adi who has installed our wooden floors... he has done a beautiful job. We've had wooden floors before but he really is a great installer and very easy to work with.

Also had our granite benchtops installed by Apex Glass. Highly recommend him for all stone and glass splashbacks. Terrific guy who provides exceptional advice and value for money. He recommended granite in the kitchen (Absolute Black) as opposed to the Ceasarstone Nova Aurora and I have to say it has paid off. Kitchen is far better than it would have been with the C/S.


floors and deck

July 29, 2008

latest news from our money pit

We drove past tonight and saw that the stainless steel ballustrade on the balcony is in the process of being installed. Inside the house the painting is almost finished and they've also installed the s/s ballustrade on the stairs.

Its looking much closer to completion and we've started to design the front garden and think about the landscaping both back and front.

Most of the items have been purchased for the house and we're looking at having roller blinds and panel glides on the front windows to offer some privacy and stay consistent with the modernist appearance of the house.

Plantation shutters would have been nice but maybe next time 'round, lol.

We're pretty happy with the finish so far. All the tradies have been fairly good to date and they seem to take pride in their craft. Given we designed the house from scratch and 'borrowed' the facade from Seville's display, the build has progressed fairly well.

Would we build again ... probably not. Living out of boxes for over 12 months since selling our last house has been a trial and I wouldn't do it again unless we could keep the house and build at the same time i.e. no pressure to move in.

We'd like to give the builders an opportunity to complete the build at their own pace so that the finish is good and up to the standard of the bones of the house. Unfortunately at this point we are hanging out to get in. It's not easy holding back and just letting them move at a steady pace. It seems that not much is happening compared to the first part of the build, when the big ticket items such as framing, rendering and plastering change the appearance markedly.

This stage is no less important but because the finishing touches are more subtle and less obvious, it doesn't seem that there is as much progress. But we keep telling each other to be patient and hang in there a bit longer as the finished product is really going to be fantastic and just what we have dreamt of.

July 28, 2008

painting has started

inside of the house is in the process of being painted, external facade is almost finished, door was installed and plumbing/toilets/showers installed.

July 20, 2008

bedhead fabrics

Have been searching for some plain fabrics to do a bedhead and think I've hit on a winner -

July 12, 2008

kitchen installed

Our bathtub which is looking very square

Our kitchen was installed today which was great. The colours are different to what we expected but we're happy with the final product. Here are some pics.

July 4, 2008

Tiling and painting

Tiling is well under way and although the wet areas are plain (white and stone coloured cupboards and tiles) it is a fairly classic look, and I'm happy enough with the selections. Painting has started but the flow-through colour is not quite right.
I'm sure the SS will get onto it and make sure 1/4 strength HB is painted throughout.

1/4 strength Hog Bristle

Kitchen is now going in on Monday so we should be able to post some pics later next week.


thought I'd better post our colourboard

The red is the porch on the facade, splash back and accent colours throughout the house. Not an exact replica of Murray Red but close.

June 21, 2008

Carpentry and tiling

They've been working during the week on the tanking and tiling and finishing off some of the carpentry.

The house is moving along slowly at the moment but next week we should have the kitchen in and tiling finished.

Then we just have the painting to go. We can also start delivering and installing the wooden floors next week.

Hopefully we are heading for handover around 14th July!

June 16, 2008

Front Elevation

close up of the Murray Red


Front elevation colours are Murray Red, Jasper and Dune.
Roof, roller door and front door are Dune.
Pavers will be 500 x 500 charcoal pavers.

June 14, 2008

A few more pics

Pics are a bit old now as a lot is being done very quickly. These are from a few weeks ago and I promise to get some more this week!

Our new WIR cupboards which I LOOVVEE - so glad we didn't go for white melamine!

New coffee table arrived other day ... very happy!

view from the balcony (before lock up)

stairwell windows