January 30, 2010


Some kind soul just told me that the rambling plant that Michael loves in the front yard is from South Africa so I have had a win and we will be pulling it out tomorrow. We're aiming for a Aussie native landscape so I'm on the hunt for some Banksia birthday candles or cherry candles to replace the sprawling Pigface.

cherry candles

I'll have to post some pics of the garden after we have finished landscaping. We've started to design the front and side yard around aussie natives and a modern paving design.

I just love the simple lines of modern pavers, decorative pebbles and green foliage. Divine.

January 21, 2010


After 12 months the front yard needs another couple of trailer loads of biomat. The soil does seem to be improving as the good stuff 'bleeds through' the heavy clay soil. The natives are doing well ... we lost a few in the heat wave but most have tolerated our ho hum gardening methods. The house next door is nearly complete so we can start thinking about boundary planting.

We've decided on a row of Eucalyptus Caesia or Silver Princess, and will try and source Hakea Victoria for the other boundary. Beautiful plants.

Hakea Victoria