April 21, 2008

Zero progress with Windows

AGAIN we have problems with the window distributor who is taking WAY too long to complete the windows. Last deadline we were given by them was Easter and we are still waiting for the upper level windows to be installed. Not the fault of the builder who is trying his best to move things along. I guess these things happen when you build.

The other houses in the street are moving ahead of us now.

The window fellow is not my favourite person at the moment. It would be nice to see a couple more frames and a door or two in the next few days. We can only hope that the problem can be rectified as soon as possible and we can get past this hiccup to progress the build again.


  1. Sorry to hear about the delays you are experiencing...A quick question about the windows, are they double-glazed?

    I've just recently got some quotes on awnings for the external shading(as part of the ML encumbrances). The slimline ones we wanted were just too expensive, so we'll have to settled on just the normal awnings.

  2. The windows at the back that get most of the sun are comfort plus and the rest are 4mm toughened glass.

    You can avoid the external shadings if you look at passive heating/cooling options i.e. house orientation, window placement, eaves etc. Avoid windows on western side and increase your eaves on northern orientation espec. if you can.

    We saw an ecoarchitect for $450 who modified the initial house design slightly and improved the passive heating/cooling. We put the changes to the builder who accepted them without a lot of additional costs. ML accepted the changes and told us we don't need external awnings due to the changes - so we are all happy.

    Ask as many questions as you like... happy to help. PM me through homeone. We are about to move so will be off line for a while.

    Cheers... D & M