July 29, 2008

latest news from our money pit

We drove past tonight and saw that the stainless steel ballustrade on the balcony is in the process of being installed. Inside the house the painting is almost finished and they've also installed the s/s ballustrade on the stairs.

Its looking much closer to completion and we've started to design the front garden and think about the landscaping both back and front.

Most of the items have been purchased for the house and we're looking at having roller blinds and panel glides on the front windows to offer some privacy and stay consistent with the modernist appearance of the house.

Plantation shutters would have been nice but maybe next time 'round, lol.

We're pretty happy with the finish so far. All the tradies have been fairly good to date and they seem to take pride in their craft. Given we designed the house from scratch and 'borrowed' the facade from Seville's display, the build has progressed fairly well.

Would we build again ... probably not. Living out of boxes for over 12 months since selling our last house has been a trial and I wouldn't do it again unless we could keep the house and build at the same time i.e. no pressure to move in.

We'd like to give the builders an opportunity to complete the build at their own pace so that the finish is good and up to the standard of the bones of the house. Unfortunately at this point we are hanging out to get in. It's not easy holding back and just letting them move at a steady pace. It seems that not much is happening compared to the first part of the build, when the big ticket items such as framing, rendering and plastering change the appearance markedly.

This stage is no less important but because the finishing touches are more subtle and less obvious, it doesn't seem that there is as much progress. But we keep telling each other to be patient and hang in there a bit longer as the finished product is really going to be fantastic and just what we have dreamt of.


  1. hi michael and mia. found you on a home renovation forum on painting. we are currently building just outside Adelaide and it has been a nightmare. Who did you go with in the end as I love the finish of your house :) Also, did you end up going with Solver or Dulux? Found a beautiful feature colour from a brand named Astec but thinking of going to solver to colour match. Your house looks stunning btw :)

  2. Hi Tracy
    Sorry it has taken so long to get back to you. Building is not fun .. well sometimes it is but we found it very stressful so good luck. We ended up going to Solver but they mixed the same colours as Dulux. Thanks for the compliment!