November 15, 2008

Few of the lastest pics

We are working hard to finish off the house but there is still a lot to do.

What we'd like to create in the front yard ... Aussie native garden

current facade


  1. Lovely colours - the house looks just great!! I'm also using dulux 'ploughed earth' as a feature on my house but am in the process of working out a good colour to go with it for the main walls. I'll try the double strength dune you've used as it works well. Did you have any other colours you were considering? I'm also considering a jasper or a dune garage.

  2. wow you have beautiful room. That's what I called home. Good luck for your new house

  3. We ended up using normal strength Dune and Jasper instead of ploughed earth. Either normal strength or d/s dune is very nice.

    Other good colours are Haymes range .. grey colours. Fabulous paint - we used it in the family room.