November 3, 2007

Wooden floors

We purchased 120 sqm of spotted gum wood for the lower level and treads/ risers for the staircase. We chose 83x12 mm select grade from Planet Timbers.

We decided against hydronic heating due to lack of communication from the supplier but have incorporated as many passive heating/cooling options as possible given the restraints of a traditional build. The wooden floors are a bit of a compromise as concrete would have been the better option for thermal mass; but the look was a bit too 'raw' for us.

The build is now set to commence early January due to the 3 months delay in waiting for specifications from the hydronic supplier. They never arrived so I guess he doesn't want the job or the system is not ready. Whatever the case, Michael doesn't get his hydronic floors but we can console ourselves with a fireplace and beautiful wood!!

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