June 29, 2009

The fence dilemma

We have a temporary side fence up so the builders can get through and build the house next door.

Apart from the mess the trades have made on our new pavers with blobs of render and paint all over the place, they keep moving the fence and letting the 'doodle out to play.

The 'doodle (as we affectionately call her) is a large, woolly labradoodle who loves to muck about in wet cement and anything extremely smelly ... like sewer drains. So the people across the road who just finished laying their new driveway and perimeter cement are not overly pleased with said 'doodle, who clomped and pawed her way across their pristine wet cement not once but TWICE.

I think we will have to send a bottle of wine over there when they move in. She must think she is a doggie starlet ... after all the breeder named her after Nicole Kidman.

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