July 2, 2009

Family Organiser

I'm always looking for ways to organise and coordinate our individual schedules and get us to school and work on time. Only yesterday I was thinking that we should ditch the electronic gizmos and go back to the old fashioned diary system. Our phone batteries are often flat, the computer takes a while to fire up, and we can't find phone numbers when we need them. It would be nice to surprise the rellies by turning up on time for family events and dinners.

Here is a neat family organiser from Milestone Press that lets you see a week at a time with areas for birthdays, dinner and space for individual activities. It also comes with a separate address book with a planner that you can transfer to the next year.

The new diary starts October 2009 and finishes January 2011. They are sending them out in August. Click on the post title for a link to their website.

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