July 12, 2009

Supporting a creative mind

While hunting for something special that was reasonably educational for Miss 6, I came across Lyra pencils from Waldorf and Stockmar crayons. She loved them so I purchased a few metallics and a pencil roll from Dragonfly. They are long lasting, soft and highly pigmented pencils that have a triangular grip for little hands. Fantastic for school projects and artistic flights of fancy. Best of all ... she takes care of them!

Another favourite has been the Djeco range from Thats My Toy that are designed for preschool and primary school children. She has enjoyed the felt tip brushes, coloured sand kits and beautiful collages.

Next stop for her birthday is a few natural beauty and craft kits that will help her create her own recipes, inventions and concoctions ..... from Seedling.

1 comment:

  1. I love these Lyra pencils, my niece would go crazy for them. They do look like they'd be easy to hold too.