July 23, 2010

2 years later!

We are back from Borneo which was as hot as Hades but we had a great time.

It is a lovely place to live and I must post some pics soon of our garden which is growing well.

We ended up building sleepers up against the back fence (reinforced of course so the fence doesn't fall down) to create a layered effect in the backyard. We planted magnolias against the 15 metres of back fence so when they get big it should look beautiful. Most of the plants are living well and we haven't had many losses so I guess digging down and getting rid of most of the crappy soil worked for us after all.

The lawn is looking a bit yellow given its winter and one thing we do regret is laying couch instead of buffalo but you live and learn! Eventually we will pull up some more of the lawn and put in a pond but that is a way off yet.

The deck is a bit of a pain, especially where it gets hit by the elements. Even if we use the good stuff we have to oil it more than every 6 months or it begins to look tired. Some of the Malaysian timber boards are warping a bit so we wish we had gone with an aussie hard timber for the deck.

Neverthless the rest is holding up well. No major leaks or problems with the house now we've had the floors finished again. We don't use a lot of the space upstairs so it is interesting that we built a big house and ended up using 2/3 of it. But it is nice to have!

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